Carolina Tree-Ring Science Laboratory

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Lab Alumni

Keith E. Watkins, M.A., 2017 – Thesis Title: Examining Longleaf Pine Spectral Properties to Remotely Map Relict Stands in central North Carolina.

Thomas W. Patterson, Ph.D. 2017 – Dissertation Title: Longleaf Pine Masting, Climate Variability, and Tick-Borne Disease Prevalence in the Southeastern U.S.
Current Affiliation: Department of Geography and Geology, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS.

Lindsay W. Cummings, M.A. 2013 – Thesis Title: The Ecological Legacy of the Naval Stores Industry in North Carolina.

Justin T. Maxwell, Ph.D. 2012 – Dissertation Title: Beekeepers’ Gold: Reconstructing Tupelo Honey in Northwest Florida Using Nyssa ogeche Tree-Ring Data.
Current Affiliation: Department of Geography, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

William P. Tyminski, Ph.D. 2011 – Dissertation Title: The Utility of Using Sugar Maple Tree-Ring Data to Reconstruct Maple Syrup Production in New York.

Thomas A. Laxson, M.A. 2011 – Thesis Title: Geospatial Analysis of Mean Sensitivity in Pinus strobus.

Jason T. Ortegren, Ph.D. 2008 – Dissertation Title: Tree-Ring Based Reconstruction of Multi-Year Summer Droughts in Piedmont and Coastal Plain Climate Divisions of the Southeastern U.S. 1690-2006.
Current Affiliation: Department of Earth and Environmental Science, The University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL


Former Dendro Students

Heather Williams M.A. 2005 Georgia State University – Thesis Title: Spatial Precipitation Variability, Snowfall, and Historical Bison Occurrence in the Northwest United States.

Troy Knight M.A. 2003 Georgia State University – Thesis Title: Ice Storm Reconstruction Using Tree-ring Data in Northwest Georgia.

Colin Gowens M.A. 2003 Georgia State University – Research Practicum Title: Locating Old-growth Oak Forests in the Southern Appalachian Mountains Using Landsat Mapping Imagery and a Digital Elevation Model.

Kim Eldridge M.A. 2000 Georgia State University – Research Practicum Title: A Comparison of Mean Sensitivities of Three Oak Species in Floyd County, Georgia.

Betsy Herrmann M.A. 2000 Georgia State University – Thesis Title: Forest Decline in the Southern Appalachian Mountains: A Dendroecological Examination of Table Mountain Pine (Pinus pungens).