Dr. Selima Sultana

Director of Graduate Studies, Professor



Urban and Transportation, Urban/Transport GIS, Race/Ethnicity, S. Asia


Ph.D., University of Georgia


A native of Bangladesh, Dr. Selima Sultana received her Ph.D. from the University of Georgia under the supervision of Dr. Jim Wheeler. She is now an Associate Professor of geography at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Her research interests couples the insights of Urban and Transportation Geography with quantitative/qualitative methodologies and GIS, allowing the use of a wide range of spatial data and scales. Very specifically, she is interested in the commuting behavior of individuals and households in their urban environments, focusing on how people negotiate the conflicting demands of household responsibilities and the changing urban setting of their lives. She is also interested in children’s transportation and sustainable urban form as well as in accessibility and equity issueswithin different race/ethnic groups in different urban settings and in National Parks.  In addition, her research is linking issues between transportation, urban form, and public health.

Courses Taught

GEO 302 – Urban Geography: Land Use
GEO 304 – Introduction to Transportation Analysis
GEO 322 – Research Methods in Geography
GEO 622 – GIS Applications in Urban Planning
GEO 631 – Transportation Planning