The Master of Arts in Applied Geography

Urban Planning and Economic Development Concentration

This concentration is directed towards students who have an interest in preserving and enhancing the quality-of-life of urban areas and dealing effectively with growth and development issues. Students completing this concentration will combine the core requirements of the master’s degree in applied geography with courses emphasizing the knowledge and skills required to provide effective leadership in urban and economic development for metropolitan areas. The required core courses, electives, research courses, and formal reviews and examinations are the same as for the Master of Arts degree in applied geography. Within this framework, the following 15 hours must be completed.

Required Core Courses (12 hours)

  • GEO 502 Urban Planning (3)
  • GEO 522 Seminar in Population and Urban Studies (3)
  • GEO 533 Regional Economic Development(3)
  • GEO 622 GIS Applications in Urban Planning (3)

Elective Courses (3 hours) — Choose one from following:

  • GEO 602 Regional Planning (3)
  • GEO 631 Transportation Planning (3)
  • PSC 620 Urban Development Policy (3)
  • PSC 630 Community and Economic Development: Theory and Practice (3)