The Master of Arts in Applied Geography

Admissions Requirements

Minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the M.A. in geography include a bachelor’s degree with 12 hours of geography coursework, including one course in human geography, one in physical geography, one in regional geography, and one in either cartography, remote sensing, GIS or statistics; acceptable scores on the GRE Exam, three strong letters of recommendation, and a personal statement that summarizes your background and interests in pursuing an advanced degree in geography.

Promising students who do not meet the formal requirements for full admission may, upon departmental recommendation, be granted provisional admission. Full graduate standing will be granted when the student satisfactorily completes prescribed courses or otherwise removes deficiencies as outlined by the Director of Graduate Studies or the Graduate School. All special conditions must be satisfied no later than upon the completion of 15 semester hours of graduate credit. A graduate student admitted provisionally is not eligible for appointment to an assistantship or fellowship until full graduate standing is achieved. For students without the required geography background, courses in human, physical, regional, and techniques courses may be taken with us prior to beginning the formal Master’s degree. If you do not have an undergraduate major in geography we encourage you to discuss possible deficiencies with us before you apply.

Application deadlines for submission of ALL requirements using “Apply Yourself”; are:

  • FALL: January 20 if you wish to apply for an assistantship, May 1st if you are notapplying for an assistantship;
  • SPRING: September 15 if you wish to apply for an assistantship and November 1 if you are not applying for an assistantship.