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Dr. Johnson contributes to Working Group on Climate, Nuclear, and Security Affairs report

A report released this week by the Working Group on Climate, Nuclear, and Security Affairs, chaired by the Center for Climate and Security, has articulated a first-of-its kind framework for understanding and addressing the complex connections between climate change, security, and nuclear issues. Dr. Corey Johnson is a member of this working group. The report can be accessed here:

The report identifies nuclear detonation risks and climate change as two of the gravest threats to global security today. Experts and decision makers in the United States must be proactive in addressing climate change, nuclear concerns, and security risks. This will require understanding how these issues influence one another.

The report arrives as the 23rd Conference of the Parties concludes its meeting in Bonn, Germany to plan implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and in the aftermath of President Trump’s tour of Asia, during which nuclear weapons issues featured prominently.