The Doctoral Degree in Geography

Program Requirements

The doctoral degree requires a minimum of 48 hours of graduate-level coursework; all but six credit hours must be at the 600-level and higher.

  • As of the Fall 2016 semester the required core course numbers will change from: (Advanced Spatial Analysis) GEO 750 to GEO 720; (Research Design) GEO 760 to GEO 702; (History of Geographic Thought) GEO 761 to GEO 701
  • Required cluster courses are:
    • 6 credit hours of Geographic Information Science courses
    • 6 credit hours of Human geography courses
    • 6 credit hours of Physical geography courses
    • 6 credit hours of dissertation-related courses
  • 15-21 hours of dissertation research 799

Students coming into our programs without an undergraduate degree in geography must complete 4 undergraduate courses in geography to help ground themselves in the discipline. One course in each of the following sub-disciplines is required, in addition to completing the advanced degree requirements:

  • Physical Geography: GEO 103; GEO 106
  • Regional Geography: GEO 104; GEO 330; GEO 340; GEO 344
  • Human Geography: GEO 105; GEO 301; GEO 306
  • Geographic Techniques: GEO 121; GEO 603

These courses may have been taken previously as part of an undergraduate program; if this is not the case, they may be taken at UNCG, in any other approved geography department, or in some cases by correspondence. Please consult the Director of Graduate Studies for more information or course approvals.